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Product Return Request


This form should be completed by the customer and submitted to Senseeker before product return. A purchase order (PO) cannot be accepted (if the return is for modifications or post-warranty fixes) and a return merchandise authorization (RMA) cannot be provided (if the return is due to nonconformance) by Senseeker until this completed form is received.



A. Contact Information


A.1.1. First name

A.1.2. Last name

A.2. Title

A.3. Company

A.4. Address

A.5. Phone

A.6. Email

Confirm email

A.7. Additional Email


B. Product Information


B.1. Product type

B.2. PO #

B.3. Serial #

B.4. Why are your returning this product?

B.4.1. Detailed description of modifications/fixes/issues

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