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Magnesium® MIL RP0092


The Magnesium® MIL RP0092 is an advanced digital pixel readout integrated circuit (DPROIC) with a large well capacity and wide dynamic range. It is designed for use with any industry-standard single or dual-band direct-injection compatible detector technology. There are two versions of the Magnesium MIL available: The RP0092-D12x features dual-polarity and dual-band, while the RP0092-P12x featues single-polarity (N-on-P) and dual-band.



12 µm pitch, 1280 x 720, digital pixel readout IC
Low power direct injection bias
Dual-band (2-color) or single-band operation
Dual-polarity (RP0092-D12x version)
Single-polarity N-on-P (RP0092-P12x version)
Global shutter (snapshot), integrate-then-read (ITR)
Programmable capacity from 8 Me- to over 140 Me-
Programmable conversion gain as high as 1 LSB/160 e-
Full-frame operation up to 120 fps
Fast windows down to 32 x 6 at 4.7 kfps (at tInt=100 µs)
Over 110 dB in-pixel dynamic range possible
Selectable 2, 4, or 8 hot-swappable LVDS output ports
22-bits of internal selectable range
Serialized 20 bits per pixel (19 data, one flag)
SPI control interface (SenSPI®) and DDR master clock



The Magnesium® MIL RP0092 is optimized for infrared imaging systems such as reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition systems.


Recon, Surveillance & Target acquisition

HDR infrared imaging enabled by advanced digital pixel technology



Parameter Specification
Pixel pitch 12 µm, dual-band
Polarity Dual-polarity (RP0092-D12x), Single-polarity N-on-P (RP0092-P12x)
Format (active) 1280 x 720
Maximum Frame Rate 120 fps, full frame
Chip dimensions 20.1 mm x 16.87 mm
Detector support DI bias, guard rings, substrate bias management
Windows Row and column groups
Integration control Selectable external clock or internal counters
Gain control Variable column gain
Pixel well capacity Programmable capacity from 8 Me- to over 140 Me-
Interface SPI control and frame clock (optional)
Conversion Digital pixel with extended counting; digital residue conversion based on 14-bit column-parallel digital engine
Output format LVDS, serialized 20 bits per pixel
Package format Delivered in wafer form



This "MIL" solution was designed for U.S. Military applications. It is available off-the-shelf from Senseeker, with product sales restricted to customers who have approval from the U.S. Government.







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