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Oxygen® RD0092


The Oxygen® RD0092 is an advanced off-the-shelf DROIC with cutting-edge performance that can be used with any industry-standard direct-injection compatible detector technology. The solution was designed to optimize FPA performance through state-of-the-art integrated features and multiple operating modes that offer flexibility for a wide range of high-performance application requirements.



8 µm dual-gain pixels with 260 ke- or 3.4 Me- capacity
Low power direct injection detector bias for both polarities
Dual-band (2-color) or single-band operation
Asynchronous or synchronous global shutter (snapshot)
High dynamic range (> 120dB)
14-bit column-parallel conversion
Over 500 fps at full frame, serialized to 16-bits/pixel
Unlimited 32 x 32 windows at 8,895 fps per window
Selectable 2, 4, 8 or 16 LVDS output ports
SPI control interface (SenSPI®) and DDR master clock



The Oxygen® RD0092 is suitable for a wide range of infrared image sensing applications including object tracking with both cryogenic and room temperature detectors.


Infrared Search & Track

Detecting and tracking objects with a passive system

Situation Awareness

Threat detection where enhanced range, resolution and detection sensitivity is critical

Range-gated Imaging

Target recognition by separating the target from the background

Infrared Astronomy

Study of very long-distance objects visible only in IR radiation



Parameter Specification
Pixel pitch and type 8 µm, dual-polarity, dual-band
Format (active) 1280 x 720
Maximum Frame Rate > 500 fps, full frame
Chip dimensions 13.6 mm x 9.8 mm
Detector support DI bias, guard rings, substrate bias management
Windows Row and column groups
Integration control Selectable external clock or internal counters
Gain control Pixel dual-gain, variable column gain
Pixel well capacity Dual gain: 260 ke- and Max. 3.4 Me-
Interface SPI control and frame clock (optional)
Conversion 14-bit with on-chip automated calibration
Output format LVDS, serialized 16-b / pixel
Package format Delivered in wafer form










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Oxygen® RD0092
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