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Calcium™ RP0033 (available soon)


The Calcium™ RP0033-J200 advanced digital pixel readout integrated circuit (DPROIC) has an extremely large well capacity, low noise floor, wide dynamic range and low power operation. The DPROIC is intended for use with any industry-standard direct-injection compatible detector technology.


Features (preliminary)

20 µm digital pixels, P-on-N polarity
Global shutter, Integrate-while-read (IWR) operation
Dual-gain with programmable well capacity up to 30 Me- (high gain) and up to 500 Me- (low gain)
Advanced zero-signal noise floors of ~75 e-, rms (high gain) and ~550 e-, rms (low gain)
Power consumption as low as 111 mW (5% fill at 120 fps) to 571 mW (50% fill at 700 fps)
Full frame rate >700 fps
High-speed windowing with multiple windows
Serialized to a selectable 16 or 24 bits per pixel
SPI control interface (SenSPI®) and DDR master clock
Stitched architecture with 640 x 512 on the shelf and custom sizes up-to 4096 x 4096 in steps of 512 x 512



The Calcium™ RP0033 is optimized for infrared imaging systems such as aerospace, recon, surveillance and target Acquisition.


Aerospace, Recon, Surveillance & Target acquisition

HDR infrared imaging enabled by advanced digital pixel technology





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