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Neon™ RD0033


The Neon™ RD0033-L10x is a low-noise, triple-gain digital readout integrated circuit (DROIC) that has a 10 µm pitch pixel with a capacitive transimpedance amplifier (CTIA) front-end circuit. This DROIC was developed for low-light applications such as short-wave Infrared (SWIR) and low-current detector technologies such as quantum dot-based detectors. It has been designed for use in high-operating temperature (HOT) conditions.



10 µm, 640 x 512, P-on-N polarity, CTIA input DROIC
Global snapshot, Integrate-While-Read (IWR) operation
Three selectable gains with well capacity of 22 ke- (high-gain), 160 ke- (medium-gain), and 1.1 Me- (low-gain)
Correlated Doubling Sampling (CDS) on and off chip
Advanced zero-signal noise floors of < 25 e- rms (high-gain using CDS)
Synchronous or asynchronous integration control
Full frame rates up to 700 fps
High-speed windowing with multiple windows
Serialized to 16 bits per pixel (15 data, 1 valid flag bit)
SPI control interface (SenSPI®) and optional frame clock



The Neon™ RD0033 is optimized for SWIR imaging applications such as machine vision for inspections and sorting, infrared search and rescue, security and automotive vision systems.








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