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Oxygen® RD0033 (available soon)


The Oxygen® RD0033-D080 is an advanced off-the-shelf DROIC with cutting-edge performance that can be used with any industry-standard direct-injection compatible detector technology to enable low SWaP-C systems. The solution was designed to optimize FPA performance through state-ofthe-art integrated features and multiple operating modes that offer flexibility for a wide range of high-performance application requirements.


Features (preliminary)

8 µm dual-gain pixels with 260 ke- or 3.4 Me- capacity
Low-power direct injection detector bias for both polarities
Dual-band (2-color) or single-band operation
Integrate-while-read and integrate-then-read operation
Asynchronous or synchronous global shutter (snapshot)
High dynamic range (>120 dB)
14-bit column-parallel conversion
Over 700 fps at full frame, serialized to 16-bits/pixel
Unlimited 32 x 32 windows at 8,895 fps per window
Selectable 2, 4 or 8 LVDS output ports
SPI control interface (SenSPI®) and on-chip PLL



The Oxygen® RD0033 is designed to be used in a range of applications that require a cost-optimized small form factor infrared camera.


Aerospace, Recon, Surveillance & Target acquisition

HDR infrared imaging enabled by advanced digital pixel technology





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