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CamIRa® Infrared Focal Plane Array Evaluation and Demonstration System


The CamIRa® system is a general purpose, high performance camera platform for evaluation and demonstration of state-of-the-art infrared FPAs. It is intended to simplify and accelerate the evaluation and test cycle associated with FPA development.


CamIRa® is a modular system that consists of all the hardware and software required for FPA testing and evaluation including an optional Sensor Test Unit for cooling the FPA. The system can be divided into three parts: the camera head, the digital electronics and the software. The system is connected to a PC host for operation. Various cards for bias, A/D conversion, clock, triggering, digital or custom inputs are easily slotted into the Camera Heads to configure the system exactly as required. The standard system supports up to 120-megapixel arrays; processing supports arbitrary size and organization (pixel order, multi color) and various FPA configurations. The system has a maximum pixel processing rate of 80 megapixels per second per tap and up to four taps.


CamIRa® Infrared FPA Eval & Demo System

CamIRa® Software








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