Senseeker offers a range of services from IC design, testing and qualification to foundry management. Specializing in state-of-the-art mixed-signal technology, Senseeker's products and IP enable our customers to produce cutting-edge infrared image sensing and transduction solutions that outperform other commercially available solutions. [+]



Senseeker offers commercial off-the-shelf products that provide FPA developers access to state-of-the-art readout technology without the need to invest in a custom design.  Senseeker also offers readout evaluation electronics and a range of cryogenic test equipment with electronics and software to enable fast-turn FPA development. [+]



Senseeker has an established heritage in delivering state-of-the-art readout IC designs including the industry's smallest dual-band (6 µm pitch) ROIC, multi-modal DROICs and high dynamic range DPROICs. New R&D activity is focused on advanced transducer SoCs that combine sensors and drivers to optimize functionality and SWaP.  [+]



Insight (07/12/2023): Senseeker Sponsors UCSB Engineering Capstone Cryogenic Iris Project. [+]

Press Release (07/06/2023): Senseeker Offers Low-Noise Neon® Digital Readout IC for SWIR Applications [+]

Press Release (10/06/2022): Senseeker Launches High Dynamic Range Calcium™ Digital Pixel Readout IC. [+]

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