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Multi-High-Speed Windowing Capability for Infrared Object and Event Tracking

Ross Bannatyne (Director of Business Development)



Multiple high-speed windows are defined around areas of interest in the scene. These include windows of different sizes and speeds to track the kayak, yacht, fishing boat and small aircraft. The faster moving objects can be tracked at a higher speed than the slower moving objects in the scene.


One of the most popular features of Senseeker readout ICs is the high-speed windowing functionality that is available on commercial Senseeker chips such as Oxygen®, Magnesium® and Calcium® product lines. This feature allows the user to select regions of interest anywhere on the array and create windows of a desired size that can be read out at high speed. On many of our chips there is no limitation on the number of high-speed windows that can be set up by the user and these windows can even be set to overlap each other.

The windowing functionality is popular for infrared search and track and for other applications that require very high-speed interrogation and tracking of objects and events. Windowing has proven to be particularly useful when there are many small, fast-moving targets that are active in a fixed scene - these can be tracked simultaneously at very high speed.

Window sizes and locations are easily programmed using the SenSPI® interface to the readout IC. For the Oxygen® family readouts, the only limitation is that a window must be composed of a multiple of 16 columns with the smallest size starting at 32 columns. Other than programming the column/row start and stop locations, the only other action to be taken is to enable the Multi-Window mode and it is as simple as that. A 32 x 32 window on an Oxygen RD0092 readout IC can be read out at over 9,000 frames per second.

The Senseeker website includes convenient window calculators that allow a user to determine the maximum frame rate for a given window size and also the maximum window size that is possible for a given frame rate.

The Frame Rate calculator allows entry of a desired window size and shall calculate the frame rate of that window. Multiple windows of that size may also be specified.

The Window Size calculator allows entry of a desired target frame rate and shall calculate the largest (square) window that will meet the required speed.

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