Introducing Quarter Wafer Sales by The Slice

Ross Bannatyne (Director of Business Development) & Thomas Poonnen, PhD (Director of Engineering)




Creating a Focal Plane Array (FPA) can be a costly endeavor. It involves hybridizing a digital readout IC (DROIC) with an infrared detector array, making a sandwich using indium bumps as the interconnect. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) for an off-the-shelf DROIC has archetypically been a whole wafer. For detector and FPA researchers, this full wafer MOQ has been a barrier-to-entry for using state-of-the-art DROICs - requiring the purchase of a full wafer when only a few handfuls of parts are required makes the process unnecessarily expensive.

To provide easier access to using our innovative Oxygen® RD0092 DROIC, Senseeker has become the first supplier in the industry to offer quarter wafers. We're responding to a demand from universities and research establishments who need a reasonable quantity of dies for R&D purposes, but don't want to pay for a whole wafer when their budget can be best used on other things.

Coupled with the off-the-shelf Oxygen RD0092 Electronics Evaluation Kit, the quarter wafer option is the most cost-effective entry point into using advanced digital readout IC technology. The Oxygen DROIC was designed with dual-band, dual-polarity inputs to allow it to be hybridized with a wide range of industry standard detector types. The 720p pixel array size is a commonly used format that has broad appeal and there are a multitude of different operating modes to optimize imaging performance in different FPAs and for different applications.

There is no longer the need to buy a whole pizza when you only have the appetite for a slice!

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