We provide state-of-the-art digital readout integrated circuits (DROICs) and designs for the infrared image sensing market. Our passion is developing DROICs which are easy to use, easy to interface and full of valuable features to enhance our customers' products.


DROICs for infrared and other 3-D stacked image sensors

Pixel-parallel solutions
Column-parallel conversion
   14+ bit column-level ADC arrays and associated digital video processors in single-digit ┬Ám pitch
Staring arrays and scanning linear formats
High resolution multi-megapixel formats
High frame rate data transmission


Readout pixel designs

Pixels pitch down to just a few micrometers
Single color, 2-color, multi-color and hyperspectral
Digital pixel sensors including Delta-Sigma Modulation, Pulse-Frequency Modulation and Slope algorithms
Detector bias methods such as direct injection (DI), buffered direct injection (BDI) and capacitive transimpedance amplifiers (CTIA)
In-pixel background removal or addition, manual and automated self-measured compensation
Correlated double sample (CDS) and sub-frame averaging (SFA) filters


Standard interface formats

SenSPI® command and control with off-the-shelf SPI controllers
Standardized outputs and serializer formats for direct communication to commercial frame grabbers
Individual serializers with data rates in excess of 6.5 Gbps


High dynamic range digital pixel readouts

Megapixel-class HDR digital pixel architectures
Very low power compared to conventional digital pixels


On-chip data calibration and real-time processing

Select linearization routines
Foreground and background calibration of image sensor ADC data
Bad pixel replacement and data manipulation
Thresholding and motion vector identification


Radiation tolerant designs

Single-Event Effect (SEE): Rejection with triple modular redundancy at the architecture level and lower
Total Ionizing Dose (TID): Heavily hardened designs beyond that possible with Shallow Trench Isolation using enclosed geometry transistors and guard rings


Large stitched designs

>>100 Mpixel possible
   Example: 67 Mpixel designs with frame rates > 60 fps at 14 bit resolution


Legacy ROICs with analog video outputs

High speed analog video drivers capable of driving up to 300 pF lines at 20 Mpps/driver
Legacy drop-ins